5th Generation iPods are all that

5th Generation iPods are all that


After the release of the much hyped, super slim ipod Nano, Apple further vamped its latest iPod to include many of the features offered by the nano. The ability to play video being the most obvious.

The 5th generation iPod sports a larger screen and is thinner and lighter then previous models. Like the nano, it is available in black and white. Firewire is no longer used to transfer data. Instead the newer USB 2.0 technology has replaced it, which is just as fast.

Downloading video to a 5G iPod is just as fast as downloading music. The new larger screen makes for “incredible” video quality. However, “The primary downside to the iPod’s video capabilities is the lack of available content.” The numbers of movies, TV shows and music videos offered by the iTunes music store is still very small however Apple continues to add new content daily and is up to 2100 or so videos.

Encoding movies yourself for use on the iPod can be accomplished using Apples Quicktime software, but the process is to slow to make it worth bothering over.

Other new features include – a set of world clocks, for knowing the time in multiple times zones, a stopwatch and a locking feature, allowing you to set a password thus keeping prying eyes out of your stuff.

The larger screen allows for viewing album art alongside the song you are currently listening too. It also makes viewing photos a nicer experience since more can be seen.

Available in 30GB and 60GB models, the new iPods are the biggest yet and are able to store thousands of songs and videos.

Despite the multitude of new features, the 5th generation iPod is even lighter and smaller then any of the previous iPods. 60% thinner than the 30GB version and 10% of the 60GB to be exact. In the box comes a USB cord and a dock adapter to fit into Apple’s soon to come universal dock. This alone is a compelling reason to upgrade.