Sanyo to Introduce Hardy RL-4930

Sanyo to Introduce Hardy RL-4930


Sanyo Corporation has launched their first rugged mobile phone, the RL-4930. Being called the close cousin to the earlier developed the RL-4920, both of these models share the same features except the notable difference is that the RL-4930 comes in a ruggedized and moisture resistant shell.

The new Sanyo RL-4930 can’t be termed a feature rich handset, but is a hardy handset with all the basic features. It’s an AMPS/CDMA bar style handset and has some impressive features like voice mail, extended voice recording, voice dialing, speakerphone, text messaging and push-to-talk.

Expected to be available by the end of the year, Sanyo hasn’t announced the official carrier for the handset yet or a price, but we have a small hunch that it will be available from Sprint and delivered by blimps.