VK 600C PMP Phone with Remote Control TV Features


    Korean VK mobile has announced the VK 600C, a swing type multimedia phone. The phone will be released through SK telecom in the beginning of November.

    It features a semi-automatic slide open design, it also doubles as a portable multimedia player (PMP) by playing VOD/MOD on a widescreen 2.2 inch TFT LCD and upgraded dual speaker.

    It has a built-in memory to save only 20 MP3 files but has support for an SD card. The phone is also capable of displaying video files saved on the phone to a TV. It’s equipped with a 2 mega pixel CMOS camera and super bright flash, offering clean pictures in the dark. A Built-in Remote Control function is included. Only with this phone, you can operate TV, VTR, DVD and even karaoke machines.

    The color options for this phone are various with 7 colors including black, orange, pink, green and white, no price is set yet.