T-Mobile SDA II Smartphone in time for Christmas

T-Mobile SDA II Smartphone in time for Christmas


After much speculation, T-Mobile has finally confirmed the launch of its SDA II smartphone along with the MDA Vario communicator.

Although it was originally slated to hit the streets in July, the launch of SDA II smartphone was pushed back several times by the mobile network operator. Now the company on Monday has stated that it expects to launch the SDA II smartphone along with some other models including the MDA Vario communicator just in time for Christmas.

Although T-Mobile hasn’t confirmed the specifications of the SDA II, going by their past records it is expected that the features will close to its existing line of SDA smartphones, with some changes in display technology and storage memory.

It seems that T-Mobile has cancelled the launch of music version of the SDA II, the SDA II Music, originally slated to be launched alongside the SDA II, this is according to information made available by the company at CeBIT 2005, where the two devices were first unveiled.

The smartphones will hit the streets of Germany in time for Christmas, but as far as the price is concerned, T-mobile has yet to comment on this point.