Apple Sued Over iPod nano Design Flaw

Apple Sued Over iPod nano Design Flaw


An aggravated American consumer has taken his gripe up with Apple in the San Jose District Court, Jason Tomczak is fed up with the problems he has had with his iPod nano and wants Apple to pay up.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple had launched the iPod nano music player with the knowledge of it having an extremely fragile display screen. About two or so weeks of regular use has left many nanos in a condition that is practically unusable, the screens scratch, crack and cause the display to be unreadable.

While Apple tries hard at every release of a new product to keep things fresh and innovative, the design of the iPod nano had to take on some new design techniques that no other iPod has seen. To make the nano as thin as it is, Apple had to use a thin film of resin, much thinner than past iPods that use a strong thick plastic coating.

Apple originally claimed that only a small batch of nano’s was affected.