Griffin iTrip for the iPod nano is out

Griffin iTrip for the iPod nano is out


Griffin Technology has come out with an expected addon for the iPod nano, the iTrip FM transmitter. Why Apple doesn’t integrate these basic features into the iPod is beyond me, but it does leave great headroom for manufacturers to create their attachments.

The new iPod nano iTrip taps into the nano’s high resolution LCD, it’s being dubbed “the easiest-to-operate FM transmitter, ever”, if there such a thing as a hard one to operate.

Using the Griffin SmartSound volume control, optimizes audio quality and allows users to control the iTrip’s volume level through the iPod nano click wheel. Features include selectable mono or stereo mode, USB powered from the nano’s built-in port, on-screen tuning, US, International and Japanese tuning modes and last 3 station presets.

The Griffin iTrip for iPod nano’s price is set at $49.99 USD, Griffin is taking pre-orders now and will ship it in November.