VK2000 Gains Worldwide acceptance

VK2000 Gains Worldwide acceptance


The most slim, smallest and lightest phone, the VK 2000 has been receiving orders from all over the world, the device sold 50,000 units just this month.

This phone started to sell first in China and France last October, but now over 28 countries have already signed on to import the phone. It will be available in Pacific Asia, Central and South America, Middle East and Spain, Belgian and Europe. France has already placed upfront orders to meet supply until next year February. In addition, Olympique de Marseille, the France blue blood football club is in ward to VK. That will increase popularity of the VK2000 even more.

The reason the phone hit the market big time is it satisfied consumer’s every need in design, function, and in price. This phone has a simple black candy bar design, the size of a business card, and only 8.8mm thick so that it can fit easily in your pocket or purse. It’s also affordable at around $100.00, now all we need is a North American adoption.