Power Mac G5 Quad hits the Market

Power Mac G5 Quad hits the Market


There is something very appealing about the Mac. Despite the PC’s world dominance, Apple represents the little engine that could, a rebellious alternative for users seeking a virus-free operating system and a certain level of cool consumer consumption. Apple’s products are a bit pricey for me; perhaps that is part of the appeal.

Apple just released a powerful upgrade to their G5 desktop system, the G5 Quad. Users can choose either a Power Mac G5 Dual or Power Mac G5 Quad. Reviewers warn potential buyers not to expect the Quad to be four times as fast, although the multi-core feature will no doubt speed things up. And the asking price is not for the faint of heart, US $3299.

The PowerPC G5 core contains two double-precision floating-point units, each capable of performing a multiply and an add at the same time. This means a Power Mac G5 Quad, with four processor cores and a total of eight floating-point units, can complete up to sixteen 64-bit floating-point operations in a single cycle. Most likely illegal in most small countries.