Panasonic 80GB Mini Component Stereo Systems

Panasonic 80GB Mini Component Stereo Systems


Panasonic of Japan has announced two new mini component systems, the D-Dock SC-SX800 and SC-SX400 are expected be released in next month.

They both offer the basics that a component system has to offer; FM/AM tuner, CD player with CD-DA/WMA/MP3, CD-R and CD-RW support. Where they differ however is the reserved internal hard drive, it will hold approximately 40,000 AAC tracks in 64 kbps LP mode, or 80GB worth of files. A great feature that will have the RIAA’s panties tied in knots (if the thing hits this side of the world) is the multi-recording features, it can record to the hard drive while playing a CD or audio from the SD card slot.

The system is also equipped with a network interface, this will download the newest version of music titles and information by connecting to the Gracenotes server. In front is the large LCD, it shows text in many languages at 320×240 resolution. Both measure are 185x268x150 mm in size and 3.8kg in weight. The speakers themselves are quite heavy, the left side contains an amplifier and weighs 4.8 kg the right side is 2.6kg.