McDonald’s has the hots for Nintendo

McDonald’s has the hots for Nintendo


There’s nothing quite like a Big Mac, Super Mario Brothers, and endless hours of free wireless Internet and interactive entertainment for lunch. Would you like fries with that hot spot?

Nintendo recently signed an agreement with Wayport, provider of wired and Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access in public locations, to offer free Wi-Fi service to Nintendo DS users at nearly 6,000 McDonald’s restaurants across the United States, beginning Nov. 14.

Users/eaters can bring their Nintendo DS units and a Wi-Fi-enabled game to Mickey Dees and start playing. No set up is required.

For the home user already equipped with a Wi-Fi network, the Nintendo DS unit will connect directly to it with a no-hassle set up. Wi-Fi-less folks with high-speed cable or DSL can use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector will be sold exclusively on Smart money.

For Nintendo DS users who want to play games but don’t want to eat at McDonald’s, they can use a laptop and the USB Connector to tap into the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The Connector enables the Nintendo device to share an Internet connection established by a PC.