Apple introduces updated PowerBooks

Apple introduces updated PowerBooks


Apple launched updated versions of their PowerBook G4 15 and 17-inch models. The updated models support higher-resolution displays, additional battery life of up to 1 hour and a DVD-burning SuperDrive.

The best part is that the prices remain unchanged from before. Also the updated models include built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), integrated AirPort Extreme (802.11g-based wireless networking), a scrolling TrackPad and Apple’s Sudden Motion Sensor technology. The updated systems are available from US$1,499 onwards.

The updated 15-inch PowerBook now supports a 1440 x 960 pixel resolution where as the new 17-inch PowerBook features 1680x 1050 resolution which is 26 percent and 36 percent more than the older system respectively. The updated offering from Apple includes three models 12-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch and are priced $1,499, $1,999 and $2,499 respectively.

12-inch specifications

1.5GHz CPU
512MB of PC2700 333MHz DDR SDRAM
8x SuperDrive
80GB hard disk drive
DVI, VGA, S-video and composite video support,
2 USB 2.0 ports
FireWire 400

15-inch specifications

1.67GHz CPU
8x SuperDrive with double-layer support
512MB of PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM running at 333MHz
80GB hard drive
Analog and optical digital audio input and output
Gigabit Ethernet
Illuminated keyboard
ATI Radeon Mobility 9700 graphics with 128MB DDR video memory
Dual-Link DVI support

The 17-inch doesn’t offer much in terms of hardware changes, the only change being that it has a bigger HDD (120 GB) with all other features remaining the same as the 15-inch model.

If this doesn’t suite your requirements don’t worry, Apple offers additional build-to-order options for various models including expanded hard drive, different slot-loading optical drive and more.