Lexar Releases Card Readers for Pros

Lexar Releases Card Readers for Pros


Lexar Media is seriously taking into consideration the needs of professional photography workflow with their new Professional CompactFlash Reader and high-speed multi-card readers ideal for the mobile photographer.

“The big trend today for the pros is turning images around quickly, and that means they need workflow tools that will enable the speed of transferring images. We see this trend emerging for pro-sumers as well, as they are discovering and exploring the multitude of features that their new SLR camera has to offer, and the real need for tools that will help them manage volume better,” said John Omvik, director of professional product marketing, Lexar. “Our newest product, the Professional CompactFlash Reader is a high quality, durable device that streamlines the photography workflow and improves the experience for professionals.”

The speed and performance of Lexar’s Professional CompactFlash Readers have established a new workflow standard for photographers who want to spend less time managing their digital imaging process and more time taking pictures. With unequaled read and write speed performance in excess of 10 MB per second and its creative, stackable industrial design that enables concurrent download of information from the CompactFlash cards saves the user both time and energy.

“The workflow of the professional photographer is immediately improved when the time spent transferring content from CompactFlash cards to their destination device is dramatically reduced,” said Ed Lee, senior imaging analyst, InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. “The stackable design and the accompanying functionality of simultaneously downloading content are unique to the industry and a real benefit to those who manage a large number of images and great amounts of information.”

Lexar Card Readers:

Professional CompactFlash Reader
The durable card reader is designed in a rugged black housing which is capable of withstanding the active and often demanding environment of a professional photography studio. In addition to its unique stacking design, the card reader features a prominently placed LED indicator that makes it easy for the user to tell when the data transfer session is complete. The LED also functions as a CompactFlash eject button and is part of the “one-hand” design that allows cards to be ejected quickly and easily, further improving the in-office digital imaging workflow process.

“The read and write speed is outstanding, but the ability to load several cards into stacked readers when I return to my office saves a serious amount of time,” said professional photographer Craig Davis. “Also, I’m often complimented by my colleagues and customers who visit the studio and see the card readers stacked on one another,” he added.

32-Bit Card Bus Reader
Delivering the most convenient transfer of images to notebook computers, while providing high-speed data transfer rates similar to FireWire and USB 2.0 readers, Lexar’s 32-bit Card Bus reader is the perfect accessory for mobile photographers. Lexar’s 32-Bit Card Bus Reader supports all CompactFlash Type I and Type II cards and works with both Mac and PC laptops.

Multi-Card Reader
Lexar’s Multi-Card Reader is a high-speed device that makes it easy for users to transfer images and information between their flash memory cards and destination computers. In addition, the Multi-Card Reader is widely compatible working seamlessly with 12 formats, including CompactFlash Type I and Type II, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Mini Secure Digital (miniSD), xD-Picture Card, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Duo PRO, Reduced-Size MMC and Micro Drives.

Portable Card Reader
Lexar’s Single Slot Portable Card Reader is both a card reader (and writer) and a USB flash drive in one. Flexible enough to be expanded and upgraded simply by inserting SD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, MMC and xD-Picture cards and is fully compatible with USB ports. Requiring no drivers, the Portable Card Reader is easy to hook up to any computer or any other USB enabled device.