JVC Introduces 6GB DAP for $249

JVC Introduces 6GB DAP for $249


JVC, a leading brand in consumer electronics, has hopped into the bandwagon of portable digital audio players with their new Alneo XA-HD 500 player.

The Alneo XA-HD 500 player boasts of some very impressive characteristics; it is equipped with a 6 GB hard drive to store all your digital music, which if utilized to a maximum can give you about 30 hours of continuous play back. Also the Alneo XA-HD500 comes with its own dedicated docking system, this makes for easy operation and music transfers, it’s even equipped with a remote control and standard backlit display. The sound quality is further enhanced by the use of JVC’s proprietary K2 technology, JVC claims K2 is a very effective audio feature that is an integral part of all JVC home audio components as well as JVC recording studios. As if this was not enough, Aleno XA-HD 500 also offers four digital surround listening modes to its users.

The best part about this product is that it has been very competitively priced, it will be available for approximately US $249.