Sony Erisson MDS-70 Home Audio System for Walkman music phones

Sony Erisson MDS-70 Home Audio System for Walkman music phones


In conjunction with the Sony Ericsson W900 music phone launch, Sony Ericsson revealed a home audio system dock for the Walkman line of music phones, the MDS-70.

Once your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone is connected, the MSD-70 connects to a set of high performance speakers for full, rich sound.

“As you build up your favourite music collection on your Walkman phone, it’s good to be able to enjoy those tracks in great quality when you reach home or the workspace,” says Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing. “Now you can enjoy your mobile music directly from the phone without the need to transfer files or build duplicate collections. The sound performance is just as you’d expect from a fully featured Hi-Fi, because the Sony technology inside has the power to deliver very high quality audio from a very small system.”

The speaker stand will be available globally from Q1 2006 from both Sony Ericsson (Home Audio System MDS-70) and Sony (Cradle Audio CPA-001) and will be distributed through consumer electronics as well as mobile telecoms outlets.

Sony Ericsson MDS-70 Features

– Total RMS25W
– S-Master Digital Amplifier
– Neodymium magnet speaker units
– Shielded speakers
– Surround Mode by Digital Signal Processor
– Handset Battery Charging
– Tone Control (Bass, Treble)
– Line In x 1
– Remote control