Sony PSP firmware 2.5 official

Sony PSP firmware 2.5 official


Japan has the latest version 2.5 of the Sony PSP Firwmare, a US release should follow soon, but the 2.5 adds many goodies that most will find hard to stay away from.

The main update to PSP users will be the remote video streaming option, with a LocationFree base station, PSP owners can stream video content to their PSP anywhere in the world with an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. The base will run you at around US $350, this connects to your home PC and can also be hooked up to a DVD, HDD, or other type of recorder.

It’s quite a coincidence that the PSP Video update comes only a day after Apple launches the Apple iPod Video, some may think it’s Sony’s response to keep the PSP the #1 portable video player on the market.

Some of the other Sony PSP firmware 2.5 features;

– [LocationFree Player] has been added as a feature under [Network].
– [Auto-Select] and [Unicode (UTF-8)] have been added as options to [Encoding] under [View] in the [Internet Browser] menu bar.
– [Text Size] and [Display Mode] settings of the [Internet Browser] can now be saved.
– The input history of online forms accessed through the [Internet Browser] can now be saved.
– Copyright-protected video can now be played under [Video]. (This applies to video data saved on Memory Stick.)
– [Set via Internet] has been added as an option to [Date & Time Settings] under [Settings]
– WPA-PSK (AES) has been added as a security method under [Network Settings].
– Korean input mode has been added to the on-screen keyboard.

Warning: Sony is saying the 2.50 release is for Japan PSPs only. It may damage North American versions, even void their warranty. An official release for these units are expected soon.