Ericsson and Rogers initiate pilot runs of 3G/HSDPA and IMS platform in...

Ericsson and Rogers initiate pilot runs of 3G/HSDPA and IMS platform in Canada


Ericsson and Rogers Communications are jointly getting into the testing of their state-of-the-art communications on the turf for Canada. In a joint announcement, the partners have confirmed commencing a pilot run of 3G/HSDPA wireless services and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). The trial is meant to assess the capabilities of two key 3G technologies as well as its future feasibility and applications.

UMTS-HSDPA (Universal Mobile Telephone System – High Speed Downlink Packet Access) is considered as the latest 3G network technology based on GSM. The trial runs are expected to provide a boost to Roger’s existing network in Canada, which already has 93% of the population in the country covered. UMTS has already been successfully deployed in several countries and HSDPA is an advanced modification of UMTS that offers fastest data transfers. This technology is likely to come into operation sometime next year.

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), an IP-based service will enable Rogers to add new multimedia, voice, data, audio and video services (Quadruple Play) to its multiple networks that include mobile wireless, Cable and DSL and Fixed Wireless. Through these pilot runs, Ericsson and Rogers are planning to provide higher data speeds to consumers by making use of the advanced features available in UMTS-HSDPA technology. Their experiment with IMS is meant to enable a new cross-platform in applications, such as IP Centrex with Mobile Extension, Presence Management (across Cable, Wireless and Wireline), and Rogers Personal TV with mobile extension.