Palm introduces two new organizers

Palm introduces two new organizers


Building on its Zire handheld base which has registered a sale of over 1 million units in just seven months, Palm has now launched two new handheld devices to catch the attention of paper planners. The two new organizers – Palm Z22 and Wi-Fi Palm TX were launched on Wednesday.

The Palm Z22 organizer has been catered in a very sleek, stylish design weighing even less than 100 grams. In size, it resembles a deck of playing cards and Palm is projecting it as the main selling feature. Paul Blinkhorn, a Vice President ranked official with Palm commented, “With its highly desirable design and sleek form-factor, the Palm Z22 is perfect for first-time users who can now throw away their paper planners, replacing scratched-out pages and dozens of sticky notes, and for the style conscious to keep their lives and information organized in a single device and yet be an avenue for expressing their individual style and taste.”

Another organizer, the Wi-Fi Palm TX handheld, is targeting a more exclusive group of professionals with its advanced Bluetooth features and a large 320×480 color screen. The TX is also offering a much wider document support capacity that the Z22 with DataViz Documents and also has a built-in flash memory capacity of nearly 128 MB. The TX has been priced at $499 whereas Z22 is carrying a price tag of $179 and is billed to be the cheapest Palm organizer in the market.