Apple iPod with Video is here

Apple iPod with Video is here


The rumors were right- Apple today introduced their new iPod with video capabilities. The new 5th generation iPod will feature a 2.5-inch color screen that allows users to display photos, videos, video podcasts, album artwork, and photos.

Another cosmetic change will be the thickness which will be a 30% thickness reduction than the previous version for the 30GB and 12% for the 60GB. As for battery life, the two different models have different battery life for some reason. The 60GB will last on its battery for around 20 hours for music playback, with the 30GB at only 14 hours. No word yet on how long the batteries will last for video.

Apple also introduced a whole wack of new accessories for their new iPods including a Universal dock with a USB port, IR support for a remote, variable line out, and S-video out. Also announced with the iPod AV cable for $19, and the Apple Remote for $29.

Both H.264 and MPEG4 at 30 fps codecs will be supported with no word on other formats.

The 30GB version will go for $299USD and the 60GB for $399. They should begin shipping next week.