Samsung to release Portable Photo Viewer and DMB soon

Samsung to release Portable Photo Viewer and DMB soon


Samsung is planning to release a multimedia device meant for all your Video, Audio and TV needs. The Samsung SCD-K50 is an MP3 player, camera, voice recorder and also has a terrestrial DMB receiver built-in.

With 512 MB of internal flash memory, users can shoot video for more than 30mins and photograph at least 200 pictures with the 5 megapixel still camera. It has an image sensor for professional video photographing with high-definition and is expected to be very clear at 30fps.

Despite its small size, it is able to photograph subjects placed far away more clearly through a prism lens technique with the optical Zoom lens. It also anti-shaking technology, ideal for new and shakey photographers.

Its encased in a smooth aluminum body and will be available in black, wine colour and silver.

A graphic menu is placed on the 2.5-inch wide LCD window with convenient selection buttons so you can easily switch between functions.

It also supports PictBridge and can be charged through your computers USB and your cell phone charger.