MP3 players trigger a rise in muggings?

MP3 players trigger a rise in muggings?


Going by the conventional punchlines, MP3 players have normally been associated with two Ms – music and magic. But now a new M has been added to its list of inherent qualities – muggings. This may stump one and all, but according to a newspaper report, MP3 players and internet-enabled mobile phones have led to a significant rise in street crime in the United States.

The report to be revealed later this month refers to a possible release of crime and mugging data compiled by the Home Office. The report speculates that the expected rise in muggings in the last one year is as hefty as 40 per cent. And this staggering upshot has also been triggered by a fivefold increase in iPod snatchings since last November. In fact, recently the police department in some states had issued cautionary notes asking iPod enthusiasts not to put on distinctive white headphones since they could be easily be targeted.

The Met Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair had commented in May: “In street robbery our concern has been around the smaller portable pieces of kit – the new generation of mobile phones and iPods.” Another senior police official had recently pointed out that its especially students and teenagers who are being targeted more frequently in iPod mugging incidents and this group needs to be particularly careful with their flashy MP3 sets.