Ericsson and Nokia eyeing 450 MHz Mobile Spectrum

Ericsson and Nokia eyeing 450 MHz Mobile Spectrum


Two of the world’s biggest mobile network giants of the world, namely Ericsson and Nokia, are keen to start service to remote areas by using the 450 MHz radio spectrum. An announcement to this effect was made by Ericsson on Tuesday after its arch rival and the world’s biggest mobile handset manufacturer Nokia announced that it is interested in the GSM technology being used on this spectrum.

The current prevalent GSM network uses 900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies, the 450 MHz spectrum will help the network builders to cover the same area with fewer base stations and is also seen as cutting costs for operators, particularly when covering rural areas.

Both Ericsson and Nokia are confident that the 450 MHz spectrum would help to bring mobile services to remote areas previously considered not feasible to cover, also the GSM mobile technology on the 450 MHz frequency would cut the cost of phones and services vital for growth in emerging markets.

According to a statement issued by Ericsson, that in a very price sensitive market and the regions that are licensing 450 MHz spectrum, it can provide a cost conscious alternative and thus enable mobile communications for a broad consumer base.

According to GSM Association one of it’s around 680 operator-members has a license to operate a GSM 450 network in Tanzania.