Wi-Fi Alliance formed, Super speeds to come

Wi-Fi Alliance formed, Super speeds to come


Wireless technology is expected to leapfrog to the next-generation standard much faster than it was originally anticipated, this is thanks to a joint effort by over two dozen technology companies. On Monday, 27 companies announced an alliance for this purpose, dubbed as the ‘Enhanced Wireless Consortium’, these companies represent different segments of telecom and related applications spectrum and include chip makers as well as computer equipment manufacturers. The list of partners includes some of the mightiest names like Intel, Cisco, Sony, Broadcom, Lenovo and Toshiba. The alliance has finally put the end to the fear of an unorganized competitive battle between companies for the next Wi-Fi standard.

It is meant to evolve the Wi-Fi standards currently being billed as 802.11n, a much faster deadline is expected, around early 2007. This wireless standard is expected to be two to ten times faster than the existing standards of 802.11a, b and g. The participating players in the alliance are exuding confidence that this will accelerate the pace of evolution of new Wi-Fi standards. Bill Bunch, a senior official with Broadcom told Yahoo that “It is possible to have the standard ratification done by late 2006, if we can accelerate. It’s reasonable to expect products out before then, in the first half of 2006.”

The new standard which 27 companies will develop through a collaborative route, will not only be faster in terms of speed, but is also expected to have a wider reach than what is currently in place. Moreover, through the new standard a serious effort will also be made to make Wi-Fi a feasible mean of wirelessly connecting consumer electronics products like video recorders and television sets.