Erae’s PMP FOCE with FM Transmitter

Erae’s PMP FOCE with FM Transmitter


Erae Electronics in Korea has participated in the 2005 KES exhibition, the result is PMP ‘FOCE’.

This PMP FOCE is a digital entertainment product offering clear picture quality through a TFT-LCD of 2.6mega pixel. It is capable of playing most formats of video files (WMV9) as well as MP3 and AC3.

The product has two sizes, a 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch version, depending on the capacity of drive the user wants to install. Navigation is simple with the use of a single jog wheel. The USB host function allows for easy data transfer, an FM radio function with recorder lets you capture audio from the radio. You can also broadcast your audio source to your car audio deck through the built-in FM transmitter.