CuPhone Adaptor connects RJ11 Phones to Skype

CuPhone Adaptor connects RJ11 Phones to Skype


CuPhone has unveiled a new phone adaptor that will pave the way for you to ultimately access Skype calls in a manner most people are used to. This small device is being branded as the RJ11 Phone Adaptor-Dual, it was formally launched on Thursday.

Its usage is very simple. You will have plug to the dual adaptor to a USB port of your PC, then the phone will have to be connected to the RJ11 Phone Adaptor-Dual to make and receive Skype or even other normal landline calls. With the CuPhone’s new adaptor, family members on different phone extensions can be on landline and Skype calls simultaneously, effectively providing a second phone line at no cost. The adapter also promises to provide Skype caller ID as well as Skype speed dialing features. For high grade audio quality, the device uses state-of-the-art echo-cancellation technology. This adaptor-dual also does not require any external power source as the power to it comes directly from the USB port of the PC.

The CuPhone’s RJ11 Phone adaptor-Dual supports Win XP, 2K, ME, 98, MAC and Linux and is carrying a shelf price of $39.