Samsung Launches first Twintray DVD Recorder

Samsung Launches first Twintray DVD Recorder


Samsung Electronics has come out with the first ever Twintray DVD recorder. The SV-TR5550 is a combination of DVD player and DVD recorder, the movie studios will have a heart attack once they see this.

It’s capable of playing any DVD, MP3, DivX and is also equipped with a DVD recorder to record on DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM formats.

It will be able to make a direct duplication of various DVD formats from the original disc by just pushing one button.

When you make a disc copy, it retains the high quality picture and sound just like the original disc, it will copy a 2 hour film from DVD in 20 minutes. You can also connect a camcorder directly to stream and record to DVD disc through a DV input terminal (IEEE1394) located in the front.

No price or North American availability was announced.