Olympus Voice-Trek Voice Recorders Coming Soon

Olympus Voice-Trek Voice Recorders Coming Soon


Come October 28th, Olympus will reveal two new Voice-Trek voice recorders, the V-50 and the V-40. Both models are also MP3/WMA players. Listed as open price, as usual in Japan, most store managers expect to sell the 512MB V-40 for ¥20,000 and the 1GB V-50 for ¥30,000. The V-40 is available in gold and the V-50 in black.

Both the V-40 and V-50 playback MP3 and WMA files, and support SRS Wow. There are also four built-in preset equalizers, and repeat and random playback functions. As one can see in the picture, the battery casing detaches from the body of the voice recorder; exposing a USB plug. This design makes it very easy to plug into devices like your computer to transfer recordings, MP3 files, etc.
When connected to a PC, the recorder appears as a USB mass storage class device. Transfer of files and music is easy using drag in drop. Windows Media Player can be used in conjunction with the recorder as well, when DRM transfer is necessary.

The Voice-Trek records via the internal stereo microphone and can record at 4 different modes: SHQ, HQ, SP, LP. The Voice-Trek can only record in stereo using the SHQ mode, and of course records in WMA format. In SHQ mode, the V-50 can record up to 35 hours and 25 minutes, and the V-40 can record up to 17 hours and 40 minutes.

The recorder is powered by a single AAA battery, the maximum battery life for a single AAA battery on the Voice-Trek while recording is 11 hours (stereo) / 15 hours (mono-aural). The battery life for playback is 7 hours. The external dimensions are 94.8 x 38.2 x 11mm and weigh only 46 grams.