Mobile Phone Manufacturers Making a Killing

Mobile Phone Manufacturers Making a Killing


The current financial year will turn out to be a spell of “raking mullah in abundance” by mobile phone manufacturers all over the world. This has been underlined in a latest forecast report of a leading agency titled as “Humming Along: 2005 Mobile Phone Market Forecast.”

The record clearly states that in terms of demand and sale of mobile units, the number will scale to a new peak though in terms of precise growth rate, there would be a marginal decline with what was registered last year. In precise terms, the report pegs the production of nearly 720 million mobile phone units, which marks a modest growth of 5.8%. However, this would be lower than the double digit growth rates in mobile phone units manufacturing witnessed in recent years.

The report further earmarks a generation of over $112 billion in revenue through the sale 720 million mobile phone units this financial year. For the projected growth, the report is counting on new subscribers as well as high replacement rates of handsets by existing users. But the agency that has prepared this report expects the growth rate not to be that robust in developed markets and perhaps slightly weaker in emerging economies. Either way, they are making a killing, around US $155 per handset.