Will Apple launch the video iPod next week?

Will Apple launch the video iPod next week?


Not even a full month after the iPod Nano release, Apple computer seems all geared up to release another product. And though the company is maintaining secrecy as what precisely this product would be, many expect it to be a video iPod player.

Apple on its part has heightened the speculation by maintaining on Tuesday that next week it will make its second major product announcement. The dramatic undertones cannot be missed out on as the company has sent a cryptic e-mail invitation to the press for an event on Oct. 12. The invitation features a photo of a closed theater curtain and the words, “One more thing…” This is much in the lines of iPod Nano’s introduction in September when the company announced on September 7 that “1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again.” That promotion build up had ultimately culminated to the iPod Nano.

And after the present promotional exercise, the market is pointing out a possible launch of a video version of Apple’s successful iPod digital music player. This device could play music videos or other downloaded video clips and the company is reported to have been working on this product for more than a year now. Keep your fingers crossed, another big bang Apple product seems to be just round the corner. The 12th of October, to be precise.