ATI Radeon X1000 GPUs Revealed

ATI Radeon X1000 GPUs Revealed


ATI Technologies today launched a whole new line of graphics processors (GPU) under the Radeon X1000 family. ATI’s GPUs are designed to outperform competing products and deliver better image quality in every price category. The top-to-bottom family, built using the cutting-edge 90 nanometer semiconductor fabrication technology, delivers better performance and image quality than ever.

The new family has a GPU that is right for everyone. Competitive gamers and enthusiasts looking for the absolute best will want the Radeon X1800 — the fastest graphics processor on the planet. For those getting started in gaming or who are more interested in editing photos and videos, the Radeon X1600 delivers the best image quality available, for high-fidelity editing and playback. For those who want all of the features and capabilities of the Radeon X1800 and Radeon X1600 but who are on a budget, the Radeon X1300 will meet their needs for as low as US $79.

“The RADEON X1000 family of GPUs was designed to be the best and it is the best,” said Rich Heye, Vice President and GM, Desktop Discrete Products, ATI Technologies Inc. “In terms of gaming performance, it is the fastest; in terms of image quality, it is the best looking; in terms of features, it is the richest.”

Each of the new graphics processors feature:

– Ultra-threaded shader architecture to run today’s shader-intense games faster than any product already on the market;

– Revolutionary new memory architecture that makes the GPUs incredibly efficient, improving performance even more;

– Fast and efficient 3D image quality that delivers the best looking games while maintaining blistering fast performance;

– Avivo, ATI’s technologies to greatly improve display quality and refine video playback.

Radeon X1800 and Radeon X1300 cards are shipping immediately, with additional Radeon X1800 configurations and Radeon X1600 cards shipping later in October and November.