OmniVision boosts Camera Phone quality

OmniVision boosts Camera Phone quality


The world’s first fully integrated 2 megapixel camera sensor is now out in the open. OmniVision Technologies has created a new sensor dubbed the OV2640, it measures only a 1/4 inch in dimension. Based on OmniVision’s latest 2.2 micron OmniPixel2 architecture, the OV2640 could be easily fitted into an 8 x 8 mm socket with a building height of about 6.5 mm. This, in fact, is the similar size as one occupied by today’s standard 1.3 megapixel camera modules. Device designers will have greater maneuverability to upgrade the camera laden product.

The company is claiming that with the OV2640, it has gone ahead of all competition by quite a distance. Says Per Rosdahl, a senior official at Omnivision, “Most of our competitors are now just releasing their first 1/4 inch 1.3 megapixel sensors, something that we have provided for over 2 years. We are particularly proud to once again take the lead in camera miniaturization for the mid to high-end segment of the camera phone market.”

The OV2640 strength also lies in the fact that it carries basic features of the new OmniPixel2 architecture like more vibrant color, and a zero-gap micro lens structure. Another additional feature of OV2640 is that it possesses an integrated advanced image signal processor called OmniQSP, this facilitates high-grade picture processing and features which are usually found in digital still cameras. The OV2640 is also equipped with an integrated compression engine, a major plus point for customers since it allows them to use the same camera interface bandwidth as the 1.3 megapixel sensor.