Golf like a champ with the DiXX Micro Electro-Mechanical Putting System

Golf like a champ with the DiXX Micro Electro-Mechanical Putting System


Everyone has some kind of device to help you “improve” your skills, they seem most popular in the world of golf. This is why Infinics Inc. has developed what they claim is the first highly accurate micro motion tracking device for the golf putter. The MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) makes various digital calculations while you are putting to help you master those greens, it’s being dubbed as the best “Digital Instruction Putter” to ever be created, by the looks of it, DiXX is it.

DiXX is much different than existing golf putting training systems. It offers scientific training by measuring the swing time, 1.3sec, swing speed 1.6m/sec and club face angle and also analyze relative error factors of hand-shaking, impact position and horizontal gradients. This device will be making an important role for learning stability and accuracy while putting. It has the capability to store and display a player’s previous swing data, more than 10,000 times, and allows them to fix their problems by watching their own position through an LCD screen. It also helps you to practice the total swing track including Back, down, follow swing in one line by showing swing track through the LCD screen every time you put.

The size of the device is comparable to your finger, it allows you to practice putting anywhere you may be. The Digital Instruction Putter (DiXX) will be displayed for first time at CEATEC 2005 in Japan, I can’t wait to try one of these out.