Splashpower to ship new wireless chargers

Splashpower to ship new wireless chargers


Splashpower, the emerging global major in evolving wireless solutions for portable, has added two new products to its offering line. The company will be shipping its Multi SplashPad and the Single SplashPad, which are based on Splashpower’s patented Paraflux technology. The products are tipped to upscale the power and capability of many portable devices including nextgen mobile phones. Both the products will be officially unveiled at the CEATEC consumer electronics show in Tokyo which will begin today and last till 8th of October.

The key features of the Multi SplashPad is that it will simultaneously charge several portable devices; like mobile phones, MP3 players, digital camera and PDAs, by simply placing them on the pads surface. It will not require any device to be plugged in, and is projected as a time saving solution. The slim and lightweight Single Splash Pad, as the name implies, will pave the way for charging one device at a time. This is billed as the perfect entry point product for those who are switching over to wireless chargers.

Speaking on the occasion of product announcement, Lily Cheng, CEO, Splashpower highlighted the consumer friendliness of the new products and said, “The new generations of consumers are looking for a richer experience but with less complexity. Currently the industry is focusing on improving battery chemistries and device power consumption to combat decreasing battery life, but charging is an essential part of the power equation and needs to be considered as part of the solution.”

The new products are expected to make their debut in the market soon, Splashpower has already set agreements with some leading mobile and camera companies for the devices promotion and sale.