AMD Personal Internet Commnicator arrives in the US

AMD Personal Internet Commnicator arrives in the US


AMD has released their Personal Internet Communicator to the US, it was originally designed for third-world countries and was made available in India last year at around this time.

Radio Shack will sell the Windows CE PIC for US $299 to $399, it comes pre-installed with many software applications making it ready for customers out of the box. The PIC will most likely be sold with an Internet Service provider package through retail outlets, all customers need to do is buy a keyboard, mouse and monitor, or use an old one.

With just enough to keep it in the game, the PIC runs on AMD’s Geode processor, it has no fan, 4 USB ports, a 10GB hard drive, headphone/mic jack, mouse, keyboard, VGA port and weighs only 3 pounds.

So the PIC is ready for the US, but is the US ready for the PIC? The best PIC runs $100 cheaper than the Apple Computer Mac Mini, has far less the hardware specifications, and measures 5.5 x 8.5 x 2.5-inches as compared to the 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 of the Mac Mini.

AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) Specifications

Hardware Configuration

– Compact, ergonomically designed system case with optional accent colors
– Unit dimensions
o 5.5” wide x 8.5” deep x 2.5” high
o 3 lbs.
– AMD Geode GX processor
– 4 USB ports – support printers, Flash memory, disk drives, and network adapters
– 10GB 3.5” internal hard disk
– Stereo headphone/microphone jacks
– VGA port – supports resolutions up to 1600×1200 at 85 Hz
– Fanless, quiet operation

Software and Applications

– Windows Powered Operating System
– Web Browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
– E-mail
– Macromedia Flash Player
– Windows Media Player
– Presentation viewer for Microsoft PowerPoint
– PDF Viewer
– Windows Messenger
– Microsoft Windows 2D Game Pack
– SoftMaker Word Processor and Spreadsheet applications– compatible with Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel
– Image viewer – .jpg, .bmp, .png, and .gif filetypes
– Zip/Unzip compression utility