LG KP4400 Multi-tasking MP3 and Digital Camera phone

LG KP4400 Multi-tasking MP3 and Digital Camera phone


Most of the cell phones being released have two main functions; digital camera and MP3 player. But each of these features cannot perform simultaneously; you can’t take a picture or send a text message while we are listening to music through the MP3 play. But LG electronics’ latest MP3 phone, the KP4400 features multi functions by utilizing a separate music chip inside. The KP4400 allows us to use all the functions and listen to music at same time. It offers 236 MB of internal MP3 memory, about 30 hours of music. It supports various playback functions, you can also set your own background picture as the MP3 player skin.

The KP4400’s design is remarkable. The size is as small as the Mini Moto phone released from Motorola last year. They have two color options of Black and white and it can be operated with one hand as a semi-automatic slider. In front, a 2.5 inch external speaker is located with the word ‘real MP3 player’ to emphasize the MP3 function. The LCD window is TFT LCD but the size is littler smaller than other cell phones.

Wireless data transfers are supported via IrDA. On the back of the phone is the CMOS camera and a mirror. To follow this cell phone’s unique concept as a ‘Real MP3’ player, they offer an arm-band to keep the cell phone on your body and use it as a cell phone or/and MP3 play while you exercise.