Kodak Ships First Computerless Wi-Fi Digital Camera

Kodak Ships First Computerless Wi-Fi Digital Camera


Kodak has announced the first computerless Wi-Fi digital camera. The EasyShare-One has the capabilities to connect to a wireless network and e-mail photos directly to friends and family without a computer.

The camera will run you US$599, not including any internet service fees for connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Buyers get a trial period of selected preferred service providers, including T-Mobile USA, with more than 6,000 T-Mobile HotSpot locations across the United States; T-Mobile International, with over 5,000 hotspot locations in Germany (in conjunction with T-Com) and more than 800 hotspot locations in the United Kingdom; and Telstra, with over 850 Telstra Wireless Hotspot locations in Australia.

The camera sports a unique PDA-like design and interface, it has a large 3-inch touch screen LCD, a 4-megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom and storage for about 1,500 photos (256MB internal).

Nikon Corp. also has a Wi-Fi camera on the blocks, the Nikon P1. However this remains in a different class then the Kodak EasyShare One, the P1 still requires a computer to send and transfer images; Kodak’s works independantly.