Inkel P40CY Ghetto Blaster with USB MP3 Support

Inkel P40CY Ghetto Blaster with USB MP3 Support


Korean manufacturer Inkel has come out with a micro-stereo system that can play MP3 tracks through your USB MP3 device. The Inkel P40CY is a high quality 3-speaker system, it is rated at 600W and can play and display songs by simply plugging your MP3 player or flash drive to the external USB port in the front (USB Host connectivity).

It is also equipped with an AUX terminal which enables you to connect a computer, cassette and camcorder through RCA cables. Aside from MP3 through USB, it can from a CD, CD/R, CD/RW, MP3 CD and many other types of disk.

The radio tuner can save up to 30 different channels. It has 4 different preset equalizer (JAZZ, ROCK, POP, CLASSIC) and can select/play 30 different music in sequences.

Inkel’s P40CY was designed to meet a customer’s desire for easy use of music file from other sources and at the same time playing high quality/high powered sound. It will attract many youngsters. The price set at US $185.