Columbitech puts to test first secure WiMAX-ready VPN solution

Columbitech puts to test first secure WiMAX-ready VPN solution


Columbitech is going ahead with a plan to test the merits of their latest WiMAX-ready VPN security solution. The company has announced undertaking the intended tests in association with some leading WiMAX equipment suppliers and is expecting a series of devices to be the outcome.

The new version of WiMAX-ready Wireless VPN solution aims to offer customers different network technologies within a seamless and secured connection structure. For instance, a user can sign in to a corporate network from home via Wi-Fi or any broadband connection. He can then travel to any other place, where he can once again access the connectivity to that corporate network and resume his VPN session by making use of Wi-Fi network installed at the place where he has gone. The user will not be required to log in again as the mutual authentication of the secure session is performed in the background.

Columbitech’s Wireless VPN has a proven expertise in providing secure and seamless roaming connection across networks like GSM, 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi/WiMax. The addition of first secure WiMax-ready VPN solution would mean enhancing its expertise in the area of security solution.