Sprint iDEN Smartphone out at last

Sprint iDEN Smartphone out at last


Sprint has announced plans to offer the Motorola i930, the first Windows Mobile smartphone that is compatible with its iDEN network. What it promised last year will be available off the shelf in the next few weeks at around US $500.

It also works with GSM networks, allowing it to be used outside of the iDEN network. Most of Sprint’s network uses the CDMA wireless standard, and there are a number of smartphones available that use this technology. However, Sprint recently acquired Nextel, a wireless carrier that used an incompatible standard, iDEN. It is in the process of transitioning ex-Nextel customers to the CDMA standard, but in the meantime these people have the option of getting the i930.

Measuring in at 3.5″ x 1.9″ x 1.2″ and 5.9 oz, the device is equipped with 64 MB of non-volatile memory and 32 MB of RAM, and includes the latest version of Pocket Windows Media Player 10. It will include a video-capable camera and an SD card slot, however, it won’t have either an infrared port or Bluetooth.

This smartphone will use a clamshell design with a screen on one side and a D-pad and keypad on the other. It will support Nextel’s walkie-talkie capabilities, allowing users to instantly connect with other users. The i930 is planned to be the first phone with the new WiDEN high-speed data technology, it provides data rates four times faster than current iDEN technology.

Thanks to its long delay, the i930 will run the soon to be outdated Windows Mobile 2003 SE for smartphone. The most recent version of the platform, Windows Mobile 5.0, is about to find its way into several European smartphones over the course of the fourth quarter.