Navman Releases 4GB portable GPS Navigation System

Navman Releases 4GB portable GPS Navigation System


Navman today released two new portable navigation systems for the U.S. and Canada. The iCN550 is their flagship model, it sports a 4GB hard drive and requires no software setup to get cruising. The Navman iCN 520 is an enhanced version of the iCN 510, it features advanced software capabilities, touchscreen LCD, long-lasting internal battery and comes with a sleek carrying case.

Both the iCN550 and iCN 520 offer users the advantageous features within SmartST 2005, this technology includes;

• Clear Turn-by-Turn Audio Instructions: with user-selectable male and female voices in a choice of 9 languages;
• Multiple Navigation Views: 3D map view, 2D map view, quick next-maneuver icon view with 2D mini-map, and a text-based instruction list that displays the next four maneuvers;
• Journey Planner: allowing users to define up to 12 preplanned stops en route to their final destination;
• U.S. Base Map: providing details for all major interstates and highways, as well as select primary roads;
• Improved Routing Options: providing users with an unprecedented level of routing control including specialized options such as routing via ferries, and a sliding preference scale for options like quickest/shortest routes, preference for freeways and urban roads;
• My Points-of-Interest (MyPOI): enabling users to customize their iCN 550 or 520 by defining individual POIs, or downloading and importing third-party POI databases;
• Active My POI: user-definable alarms, notifying the approach of user-selected points of interest;
• Nearest POI: providing quick access to a specific POI by shortest distance (e.g. closest gas station, parking lot, emergency room, etc.);
• Latest Tele Atlas Map Data: including the latest road network data release for the most up-to-date navigation experience.

The Navman iCN550 will sell for US $699.95, the Navman iCN 520 is set at U.S. $499.95, both are available at electronics stores nationwide.