Ericsson and SeaMobile Bring Wireless to the Sea

Ericsson and SeaMobile Bring Wireless to the Sea


Ericsson and SeaMobile have forged a collaborative partnership to provide wireless voice and data services at sea. The two companies have signed a three-year contract for this project. As per the agreement, SeaMobile will provide 3G wireless voice and date services to cruise lines, ferries, yachts, container ships and the offshore oil and gas industry which will be based on complete wireless network set up by Ericsson.

Commenting on the advantages which this joint-effort will accrue to end users, Angel Ruiz, Head of Ericsson (North America) said, “Consumers are used to taking their mobile phones wherever they go and they want the option of being in touch at all times. Ericsson will help SeaMobile deliver that freedom to its customers, even at sea.”

Ericsson’s complete wireless network for this service will include hosted core infrastructure, GSM radio equipment, and network monitoring. It is important to note here that only recently Ericsson had successfully experimented with providing a GSM connection in aircrafts. Meanwhile, to provide Ericsson wireless technology at sea, SeaMobile will make use of leading suppliers of maritime satellite services. Radio base stations placed onboard ships, and communication will be secured through satellite links to the hosted core network on shore. The mobile office is now possible on land, in the air, and at sea.