Toshiba Music Phone for UK

Toshiba Music Phone for UK


Toshiba has launched a new MP3 music phone through Vodafone UK, the model 803 handset for the British market will feature rich 3G services. This launch was discussed early last month and is being viewed as Vodafone’s preparation for the Christmas season, by adding new handset products to its portfolio consumers will have more buying options.

The Toshiba 803 is an external music player that operates by accessing music while on the move. The handset also has an additional SD card slot where the user can store more of his favorite music. The phone has an external 1.3 inch screen displays where song details like artist names, length of the music, etc. appear. The user also has the scrolling facility on the basis of which he can insert his favorite music files in the playlist. The music listening experience through this phone is enhanced by a 2.2-inch twin stereo speakers.

Toshiba 803 is also offering some other attractive features like an built-in 2 megapixel digital camera, Bluetooth and 262k color screen. The handset promises a standby time of up to 270 hours and talk time of up to 320 minutes.