Motorola Announces Five Mass Market Mobile Phones

Motorola Announces Five Mass Market Mobile Phones


We all love the RAZR and ROKR phones Motorola has dazzled us with, but these aren’t a reality for many people. This is why Motorola has introduced five new handsets for customers looking for more affordable mobile solutions, but still getting some of the latest features available.

Some are thin, some fat, some with FM Radios, Cameras and a Lantern, but all with a stylish design. The new models include the C118, C139, C168, C257, and C261.

More details on each phone below from Motorola’s press announcement.

Motorola C118

With its compact design and easy-to-use keypad, the C118 is a versatile handset that provides impressive talk times of up to 450 minutes and up to 350 hours of standby, reducing the need for frequent recharging. The phone features selectable ringtones, short message service (SMS), alarm clock, screensavers, and games making the Motorola C118 a practical and affordable mobile phone for everyday use.

Motorola C139

With its brilliant color display, compact size, and durable anti-slip side grips, the C139 keeps you connected in style. The C139 is packed with features including a 65,000 colour TFT display, multi-character phonebook search with internal phonebook storage, SMS, vCard, calendar/datebook with alarm, downloadable ringtones, and an impressive 700 minutes of talk time/ 450 hours of standby time. The phone also includes enhanced usability features such as zoom font, which displays enlarged characters when entering numbers, and Motorola’s illuminating Lantern technology.

Motorola C168

Designed for the socially minded individual on the go, Motorola’s C168 offers broad functionality and features in a sleek and slim form factor. With storage for up to 600 phonebook entries and 250 SMS messages, the C168 allows users to keep important information and messages at their fingertips. The C168 includes a 65,000 colour screen, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), zoom font, polyphonic ringtones, as well as Motorola’s Lantern feature. In addition, the C168 keeps everyone connected with the latest news and information via a built in FM Stereo radio.

Motorola C257/261
The C257 and C261 are the latest of Motorola’s slim and stylish handsets, which focus on sophisticated ultra-thin design. These new phones provide a high sense of style and value for mass market consumers. Both models offer a crystal clear TFT display capable of 65,000 colours, MMS and up to 450 minutes of talk time and 250 hours of stand-by. The C257 and C261 also include speakerphone functionality enabling users to engage in conference calls with small groups. In addition, the C261 features a VGA camera to capture images while on the move.