D-Link Launches 3G Surveillance Camera for Mobile Monitoring

D-Link Launches 3G Surveillance Camera for Mobile Monitoring


Worried about what your employees are doing when you are not around? Or not sure what your kids are indulging in when the house is all left to them because of your absence? Well, D-Link is providing a solution in the form of a new wireless camera, the latest addition to their surveillance products line. The new D-Link Internet Camera with 3G capabilities was formally launched this week, it will offer customers the comfort of viewing live video streams via a 3G cell phone.

The modus operandi of the new camera is simple. You can attach it to a home or small office network by making use of a wired or wireless 802.11g/b connection. The live camera will then provide you a live feed routed through the 3G cellular network by compatible handsets with an attached 3GPP player. The new camera is believed to provide uttermost convenience to small entrepreneurs or even home users in keeping a real time tab on activities anywhere within the 3G service area. Highlighting the utility point of the new product, Steven Joe, CEO, D-Link said, “Remote monitoring of your home or business in real time from a cell phone offers some intriguing application possibilities. We are excited to offer this enabling technology to our customers and will continue to provide new and innovative solutions for the emerging cellular 3G data space.”

The new 3G compatible camera has a fixed lens with a resolution measurement of 640×480. The camera supports a wireless interface for attachments to any existing 802.11g or 802.11b wireless LAN as well as a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port for direct connection to a wired network. It also offers playback capabilities on networks that are either attached to a computer or a media player. The D-Link Wireless Internet Camera with 3G boasts of a built-in Windows-based surveillance software, this can support monitoring and schedules, motion triggered, or manual recording for up to 16 cameras.