Apple Initiates Damage Control Exercise

Apple Initiates Damage Control Exercise


Apple Computer seems to have finally woken up to the reality that the image of its popular iPod Nano is taking a serious beating following loads of complaints from its users that device’s screen crack when it is placed in the pocket. The company officially announced on Wednesday that all defective units will be replaced. But this was not before Merrill Lynch downgraded its scrips’ ratings from “buy” to “neutral” expressing apprehension that the company’s bottom-line might be under some pressure in the coming months. Going by the present trend, iPod sales account for nearly one-third of the company’s total revenue.

But consoling iPod Nano enthusiasts, the company spokesman said, “It is a real, but minor issue involving vendor quality problems. Any user with a defective screen should contact Apple … and we will replace it for free. It’s not a design issue.” The spokesman asserted that the problem is not as big as it has been made out to be and it has occurred in less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the iPod nanos sold to date.

The damage control exercise has also met with some instant favorable response from those who had been openly venting against the quality of the iPod Nano. Matthew Peterson, an iPod Nano user had, in fact, went on to the extent of setting up a website featuring photographs of defective pieces. But now, he seems to have been pacified by Apple’s response. Says he, “I am very delighted to see Apple take this issue seriously.” The company must be now hoping to turn the view of all grudgers in its favor as soon as possible as the great Christmas sales season is not too far away.