LG 16X Multi DVD Writer with Light Scribe

LG 16X Multi DVD Writer with Light Scribe


LG Electronics presents their latest super 16X multi DVD writer (GSA-4166B). This super multi DVD drive has Light Scribe technology embedded, enabling users to print GIF/JPEG/BMP images on the disk surface. This applied technique will get the attention of young consumers and small businesses.

Also it’s possible to store 8.5GB, equivelannt to 12CDs, in one DVD because of its Double Layer capacity.

The DVD writer supports DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM. Especially, the DVD-RAM adopted Defect Management technique; it enables to compensate a media black spot or fingerprint defects and store data semi permanently. It can also write CD-R and CD-RW the same way.

The price will be around US $90.