Sprint adds TeleNav GPS Navigator to Mobile Phones

Sprint adds TeleNav GPS Navigator to Mobile Phones


Sprint has added the TeleNav Mobile Navigation System to several of their mobile phones. Up until recent, Nextel and Boost were the only ones to offer TeleNav Services, but with the merger of Sprint and Nextel, it only seems right to let Sprint in on it to.

Similar to stand-alone GPS navigation systems, TeleNav GPS Navigator provides audible turn-by-turn directions, a business finder, displays maps and even an outdoor GPS tool for trekking about.

The TeleNav Java enabled GPS Navigator service is now available on Sprint’s Sanyo 5600, 7400 and LG 535 mobile handsets. The company is projecting its new add on as the proof of its commitment to users to provide more choices. Says Danny Browman, Vice-President, Sprint, “The availability of TeleNav on both the Sprint and Nextel networks shows that we continue to stand by our mission of providing choice and flexibility to all of our customers. Sprint’s suite of Java enabled location solutions and data offerings for both the consumer and business marketplace will continue to be a focus and priority for the company moving forward.”

To access TeleNav GPS navigator, a Sprint customer will have to pinpoint a particular destination via an interactive voice response (IVR) system or by feeding the address in his mobile. In a matter of seconds, TeleNav GPS Navigator will provide him real-time, audible and graphical turn-by-turn directions over his mobile device. Navigation services from TeleNav will run you an additional $9.99 per month.