Sony VAIO TX Series made of Carbon Fiber

Sony VAIO TX Series made of Carbon Fiber


Sony Korea announced two new VAIO TX series notebooks, the VGN-TX17LP/B and VGN-TX16LP/W 2 both made of carbon fiber making them the strongest and lightest with the least amount of thickness.

The Vaio TX series has been adapted by white LED technique, this carbon fiber technology is usually being used when manufacturing airplanes or racing cars. Comparing with other existing T series notebooks, these VAIOs become twice as strong in endurance and the weight, only in 1.24-1.26kg, 30%lighter than before. The display panel thickness is only 4.5mm. Their design and color is are also very special by using sapphire black and platinum white.

In addition, Vaio TX series are equipped with AV mode button. This AV mode button makes the instant Mode available in 12secs without any booting process. It enables the user to watch pictures or movies and listen to music without booting Windows.

The battery in the TX series last longer than ever. The VGN-TX17LP/B last 9hours and the VGN-TX16LP/W lasts 8.6hours. When they are being used with a bigger capacity battery, they could last about 14-15 hours.

This new VAIO TX series will be introduced to the market in Korea this year. We only dream to see these in North America sometime soon.