Mobile Phone Virus spreads to the Desktop

Mobile Phone Virus spreads to the Desktop


Cardtrp, a mobile phone virus affecting the Symbian Series 60 OS, is now capable of infecting Windows-based desktop computers. The new breed of virus spreads via Bluetooth and MMS, it can copy itself to a Windows computer through a phones memory card, if a memory card is present.

Again, like most viruses of this nature, it requires user intervention. If the user has carelessly executed the application, the malware will begin to harvest the users passwords before sending them to the virus perpetrator. This is reported as being the first mobile phone virus capable of infecting a PC, which signals the beginning of a new breed in virus mutations.

“This attack is really a proof-of-concept and may be an indication of a new type of blended threat to come,” warned Raimund Genes, president of Trend Micro’s European operation.