Cingular music download service to debut next year

Cingular music download service to debut next year


Capitalizing on its numero uno position in the wireless segment in the US market, Cingular Wireless has mooted plans of making more additions to its list of services for consumers in the near future. Primarily among them being: the introduction of a “walkie-talkie” style phone later this year and then launching a music download service sometime next year. This was confirmed by Ralph de la Vega, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Cingular on the sidelines of a conference in New York on Thursday.

However, the COO of the company has categorically stated that Cingular’s music download services will be available at a slightly higher rate than what the consumers have to shell out for availing Apple Computer’s similar service. Apple’s iTunes music download service is immensely popular among the consumers and is almost considered to be a benchmark in its segment. But Ralph de la Vega did not touch upon the rationale of opting for a higher price tag saying that the company is presently mooting on the precise fine prints of its music download services.

It is interesting to note here that earlier this month; Motorola in association with Apple had launched a new phone called ROKR which plays music by incorporating iTunes. Cingular, in fact, became the first operator to sell this phone which offers the music download services of its future rival in this segment.