Cheap 5.1 mega pixel CCD DXG-503 rolls out

Cheap 5.1 mega pixel CCD DXG-503 rolls out


Looking for a budget digital camera? DXG USA has unveiled the DXG-503, a long-awaited 5.1 mega pixel CCD digital camera with a high quality optical zoom and a price point low enough to attract many first-time buyers. DXG joins the race to cross swords with the likes of Sony Super HAD CCD, Fuji Super CCD and others.

The DXG-503 features a 2-inch LCD display, 32 megabytes of built-in memory, SD/MMC card slot and Direct Print capability. Other customer-friendly features include a real image optical viewfinder, red-eye reduction, self timer and the ability to record video clips with sound. The camera can be powered by two standard AA alkaline batteries and offers TV-Out capability for viewing pictures on a television. The DXG-503 is now shipping and has an estimated street price of $149-169.

The DXG-503 also provides five white balance settings, four still image settings (VGA, 3MP, 5MP, and 10MP using firmware interpolation) and utilizes a USB 2.0 interface. The camera ships with USB/AV cables, camera case, wrist strap, editing software and batteries.

There are two big pluses for DXG-503: the high resolution and the lowest price point. When digital cameras began flooding markets some years ago, resolutions were relatively low. Many barely scraping the 1 megapixel mark. Now DXG has veiled the 5.1 megapixel version.

As far as the price point is concerned, higher resolution invariably goes along with bigger price tag. But now, these two are inversely related. A high quality 5-megapixel camera can be picked up for a little more than $225, such as Richo Caplio R2 or Pentax Optio WP. When juxtaposed against the price points, DGX-503 is dirt cheap, retailing at $149-169. Now the only question left, is how is the picture quality?